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Beaded Skull Commission Guidelines  -
Beaded Skull Commission Guidelines

Commissioning a Beaded Skull

Beaded skull commissions are not as straightforward as painting commissions. A number of factors must be considered in order to determine the price for a finished piece. Therefore, each potential beaded skull commission must be evaluated on an individual basis. I highly recommend consultations with prospective patrons before committing to a project. Feel free to contact me for a custom quote!

Prices for beaded skull commissions vary depending on the following factors:

     - Size of the skull
     - Cost of purchasing a skull (if one is not provided)
     - Materials used for decoration
     - Custom display stands or plaques
     - Any repairs to the skull, teeth, horns or antlers
     - Cleaning, bleaching or other surface treatments

Obtaining a Custom Price Quote

Please submit clear, detailed, and accurate reference photos and measurements of the skull you wish to provide for beadwork. Skulls must be in usable condition. I am able to make minor repairs and reconstructions, but weathered, crumbling bone is not salvageable.

Beadwork commissions are significantly cheaper if a patron provides the skull. However, owning or obtaining a skull beforehand is not necessary to begin the commission process. I network with hunters, taxidermists, and skull suppliers, so if you are interested in a particular type of skull, I may be able to find one for you.

I work almost exclusively with Czech glass seed beads in order to create my beaded designs. Decorative stones, stone beads, metal beads, etc. can be incorporated, but tend to be more expensive. Prices for these materials may vary due to fluctuating market prices.